March 3, 2009

Mermaids & Wish Fulfillment

Holy cow!

That's just . . . cool?

~ Ben

March 2, 2009

Best Comic Book News of the Year -- Captain Canuck Is Coming!

I just heard this news, and checked in on the official website to make sure it was true . . . only to find out it was better than I expected!

In a IDW panel from WonderCon, they announced:

Dunbier also announced that IDW would be collecting the classic 1970s comic “Captain Canuck” – “Canada’s first - and really only - major superhero” -- into two hardcovers, the first due in June. Dunbier said the original book had beautiful art and coloring, but bad reproduction quality. The new collection will be scanned from the original art and features all new coloring.

Yeah! I mean, I have every issue of Captain Canuck (except the unreleased issue 15), but this excites me.

But that's not all! I go over to to check it out and . . . I find out that the new Captain Canuck series will be finished soon and there's a possible Captain Canuck movie coming up!

Captain Canuck, I have to say, is one of the few superheroes I would like to write. Since it's a personal creation -- unlike, say, Spider-Man or Superman or whatever -- that's not very likely. But I am so glad to see that Richard Comely (a super nice guy, btw, at least from the short e-mail correspondance I had with him) is doing more with the character!

~ Ben