December 10, 2007

The Thieves -- out now!

You'll notice a nice little ad over to the right for The Thieves. It's a link to the comic and it's appearance on

The Thieves is something of an experiment for Community Comics, in that it's the first brand new comic that we're offering on (It has NEVER been published anywhere, in any form, except for me to solicit critique from some friends of mine.) is a website that offers free downloads of books and comics. And each time one of our books is downloaded, we get a small amount of money. What is unique about this model is that the downloads are free, unlike iTunes or the like which you would pay for the downloads.

So we're trying it out to see how it works. Hero TV will go up pretty soon, both the one shot and the mini-series. If this works out, look to see brand new Hero TV stories and such on Wowio.

Community Comic will also be putting up other works by other creators on We'll let you know when they are up. Please support them.

To download DOES mean creating a profile. And be warned: there are some less than savory comics up on Wowio that some may find offensive.

To find The Thieves, go here.

To find Sherwin Schwartzrock's Legends (the comic that caused me to notice Sherwin and which is the direct cause of our friendship), go here.

To find our Salvation Army fund raising project The Tempest, go here.

~ Ben

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