July 5, 2008


I'm sitting here behind a table, looking out at some wizards, Vulcans, a dude with horns, a little fairy girl, and lots of people with lab coats.

I'm at InConjunction, an Indianapolis based sci-fi/fantasy convention. It's easily the best convention I've been to (I was her last year, and really wanted to come back).

I just finished a panel discussion about the "Art of Adaptation", where I was the only person on the panel (the other guy didn't show up) and we talked mostly about my experience adapting stories into comics, which became a pretty fun discussion about movie adaptations we liked and don't like.

In an hour, I'll be going to a panel discussion about Time Travel (is it possible and why do we like those stories? . . . answer, Yes: in one direction, though; and, because we love to think about "What if?", especially as it regards choices and decisions - but I hope the panel discussion is a little longer than that). I'll be able to talk about TimePiece (the comic), TimePiece (the radio drama), TimeFlyz (the manga), and my love love love of time travel stories.

Last night I took part in a panel discussion about "Science and Religion: Can the Two Eve Be at Peace" (short answer: sure, why not?) which was fun, and an opportunity to share and listen to people's different spiritual journeys. Very interesting, considering the setting brought in a hugely diverse group of people.

~ Ben

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