January 20, 2009

History in the Making . . . and . . .

I'm watching the inauguration on Hulu. I love Hulu.

They're streaming Fox News' coverage, ad free, online.

"Ad free"? Well, sort of. I had to watch a 30 second commercial for Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

And with each moment, beneath the image of former presidents greeting each other, beneath the image of the cheering crowds, beneath the commentators speaking about how an African American is going to be sworn in as president, beneath the color guard bringing in the flags, is this banner:

Classy, Hulu. Classy, Fox.

Question: Is nothing sacred? Answer: Yes. Nothing is sacred.

I watching history. I'm being watched back by Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

~ Ben

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Tom Bancroft said...

Loving your blog, Ben. Keep up the good work. (I watched the Bob Newhart bits and it really brought back how good that show was!)