December 14, 2009

Obama asks moms to shave . . . FOLLOW UP!!!

I can't believe I'm writing a follow up post to my original "Obama asks moms to shave" posting!

But here I am. And here it is, the most recent ad to pop up on my Yahoo! free e-mail account:

You know, when I was a kid I remember one year the Santa who came to visit my school was a woman! She was an old woman with white hair and thin glasses and a fake beard. She looked like Santa until I got close to her. That kinda ruined the whole illusion of Santa.

Now, if they had just gotten the mom from the above photo . . . you know, the mom that Obama REALLY wants to go back to school . . . she could have played Santa no problem! Just some white hairspray and she'd be good to go!

This new image shows me that the original was not a mistake or oversight. Indeed, it was a conscious decision to match the headline with the photo! Because that's not a new photo of "bearded mom" with a hat. No, that's a photoshopped hat on the original "bearded mom" photo, along with a revised subheadline! Time, effort, and thought went into creating and using that picture for this ad.

I'm really curious now. What are they thinking?

~ Ben

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