June 20, 2007

TODAY . . . from Marvel Comics . . . and me . . .

Today marks the release of The Hedge Knight II: The Sworn Sword #1, published by Marvel Comics (the people who bring you Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four) and based on the novella by New York Times bestselling author George R.R. Martin.

Marvel just recently published the first Hedge Knight story, entitled The Hedge Knight, in a hard cover collection.

Hedge Knight also happens to have been scripted by Ben Avery, who happens to be me, which happens to be why I'm telling you about it here.

I love the Hedge Knight stories (which is good, since I've spent so much time working on them), because they deal with a young knight who is trying to follow his vows of knighthood seriously and honorably in a world that looks on such things as antiquated or a nuisance. It delves into themes of sacrifice and honor and when I first got involved, these themes really resonated with me as a Christian.

The story itself has really resonated with readers as well, which is why Marvel Comics is giving it the treatment it has: hard cover collection for the first story, and now the release of the second comic book series, which, if successful, will also be collected as a hard cover edition.

For more information, a peak at the covers for issue 1, and information about my other work (such as the graphic novels I am writing for Zondervan) check out www.benaveryonline.com.

~ Ben

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