June 26, 2007

Two Discoveries! (One You Can't Miss!)

Today, while working on an ArmorQuest graphic novel script, I came across this file in one of my AQ folders on my computer. The file itself was not named well: "file____Macintosh_Desktop_Folder_02_03.jpg" I don't know who named it, the artist or me when I downloaded it. Anyway, I was curious and popped it open. Low and behold, it was one of my favorite two page spreads from ArmorQuest:

Doesn't that just get your blood pumping? Wow! I remember writing that scene and just trying to imagine what Sherwin (Schwartzrock, the artist) was going to do with it. When I opened it this morning, that same feeling I originally had of "awed giddiness" returned. (Larger version HERE.)

Anyway, here's the CAN'T MISS discovery I made. I looked for these guys on Ye Goode Olde MyCCM.org here, but couldn't find them.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love the Psalms. (Follow the link to some of my thoughts on the Psalms and an artistic Psalms challenge.) So while I was at Family Christian Bookstore the other day, I noticed a CD called "Introduction" by Sons of Korah. Looked interesting, but when I looked at the back I noticed that the tracks were all Psalms!

It. Was. Awesome.

There are very few times when I have just popped in and listened to a CD and felt like I was experiencing worship. Jeff Johnson's Selah is one. (Interesting ArmorQuest related story to go with that, btw. For another day.)

I highly recommend that Sons of Korah CD. It's intended to be a sampler and, interestingly enough, comes packaged with a mini book of Psalms (which is cool). It's incredible, though. And too short.

Meaning that, from a crass marketing standpoint, this sampler got me hooked and I'll probably be using the coupons inside the sampler to buy some more. :)

But, another purpose was served as well. A man from Indiana joined in worship with a bunch of guys from Australia.

And will do so again.

~ Ben

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