January 21, 2008

Star Trek teaser online now!


I saw this when I saw Cloverfield. One of the reasons I went to the midnight show of Cloverfield was to get a peek at this teaser. Of course, I was pumped to see the teaser, but the movie itself was pretty awesome.

Meanwhile, the teaser is now online. You can find it here:



Just, wow.

I'll admit, I'm a huge Trek fan and my Trek is original Trek. Yeah, I watched the first five seasons of Next Generation religiously. School scheduling got in the way of the final two seasons and most of Deep Space Nine. When Voyager came along, it was hard to catch since we didn't have UPN and it was a similar story with Enterprise. I liked most of the Trek shows, though, and followed them enough to know who was who and what was what (although I still don't understand the mythos behind the Enterprise stuff). And I've watched and own all the movies. (I don't own all the TV DVDs. Wouldn't mind it, but can't afford it.)

But Kirk, Spock, and Bones -- they define Trek for me.

This new movie is supposed to get into their backstory. It's supposed to tell their first adventure or something, but also uses a time travel element (and you know how I feel about time travel). Ultimately, it could either be really good or really bad. I can't imagine it will be in the middle anywhere.

This teaser, though? Pretty cool.

~ Ben

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