January 23, 2008

TimeFlyz/Araknid Kid Crossover?

I opened my mail not too long ago and found what can either be called the first TimeFlyz crossover or the first TimeFlyz fan art. (Poor Araknid Kid. Looks like he has a bit of a crush on Laurel, if you ask me. Of course, spiders and flies just don't get along.)

Sure, so it's not really a crossover. (Although Josh, if you're reading this, whaddya think? A TF/AK crossover? It could be cool! Or maybe a crossover with your three-armed time traveling bunny that you're doing with Jamie Cosley?)

It's interesting. I just read a blog from someone who says, essentially, that he doesn't believe in helping other people promote themselves and that he intends to only talk about himself on his blog. Well and good, he's allowed to. It's his blog. It's extremely silly of him, of course, and it won't go very far in building relationships. It's one thing to NOT support anyone, it's another to essentially flaunt the fact. (Which is why you won't see me promoting any of his projects here. Of course, I don't really have to worry about him not promoting any of my projects, since he's essentially said he won't do it anyway. But I have raved about some of his projects in other places before, and they deserved the raves, they really did. I just can't bring myself to do it anymore, though.) One friend of mine gave me a fun quote the other day, and it applies: "It's every rat for himself, we just put Jesus fish on the lifeboats."

I, however, believe the opposite. I believe that if there's something worth supporting and/or telling people about, you should. Especially when they are friends or people you interact with. That's why I threw my heavy support behind Josh Alves and his Araknid Kid project over at The Zuda competition. (Arakid Kid did not win the competition, incidentally, but it DID find a home: Sugary Serials, an all ages comic project.) Araknid Kid is a cool, fun comic with a cool, fun hero in a cool, fun setting. What's not to like?

Meanwhile, over on one of the message boards I frequent, guess who's the first one to tell everyone about two OTHER artists who are in a different competition?


He's just that kind of guy.

~ Ben

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Josh said...

TF/AK crossover would be a blast (partly because "TFAK" would make a cool onomatopoeia)

Solomon Bounce meets the Flyz too! ;)

You never know.

Thanks again.