March 20, 2008

FREE COMICS from Wowio

Well, there's been some exciting things happening with some of my projects. They have been put online on the book website Wowio.

First, the newest thing:

TIMEPIECE, one of my first projects with Community Comics, is available as a free download from

Wowio is a free book downloading service that operates much like iTunes, except it's free. Be aware, there are some titles on that website that I do not endorse. However, there are some comics that I DO endorse. Let's take a look at some of them.

First, there's Hero TV.

Hero TV was created to be a free giveaway a few years ago. A couple years, and a couple thousand copies, later, we're finally getting it online. A follow up to this book has been in the works for a little while and is finally nearing completion.

Next up is the project that I was most excited about seeing FINALLY completed. The Thieves.

I've touched on this before, but it was a project that has been a couple of years in the making and I finally was able to get an artist who would do the story justice. I was very pleased with how well this turned out. It's the story of the thieves who were crucified with Christ. This is not available in print anywhere.

Next, there's Tempest.

Tempest is, in many ways, a companion to Timepiece. They both start with the letter "T", they both have two syllables in the title, they both were written by me, and they both were illustrated by multiple artists. While I'm a little embarrassed of Timepiece (it WAS one of my first comics and there are a few plot and dialogue elements I would love a chance to change), I am still proud of it. I feel Tempest, however, is one of my most personal projects to date. Both of them deal with similar themes, and both reflect me at the time they were written. Tempest, however, is the work of a writer who has honed his craft slightly.

Finally, here's Seven Seconds and a Dead Fish.

Yes, the title is odd but the book is wonderful. It's created by Jesse Hamm, a great artist with a unique vision.

So there's a brief glimpse through Wowio. Some are from people I think you should support, some are from myself and Community Comics. You may notice some of my other books on Wowio, and there are a few. If you just want to read them, go ahead. I'm proud of that work also.

~ Ben

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