March 26, 2008

Holy Cash Cow, Batman!


I just read this article about the money that has been raised and spent by the presidential candidates.

And I feel just a little bit sick.

Maybe I'm just some sort of pinko Commie.

"Between January 2007 and February, the candidates raised a record $814 million. By the end of this month, analysts expect the total taken in and spent by the candidates and interest groups will reach $1 billion."

$1 billion dollars.

That's a "1" with nine zeros behind it. (Right?)

$1 billion dollars.

"While they were careful not to criticize the American political process, people in some aid organizations mentioned other possible uses for so much money."

May I ask why the heck they weren't being critical?

Good grief!

"'An additional $150 million could ensure that 10 million girls could receive a quality education. An additional $150 million could help make pregnancy and safe delivery available for 30 million women in 10 countries,' said Deborah Neuman, senior vice president for resource development at CARE."

I'm a Communist pig. I know.

I'm just amazed.

Oh, here's some worthy causes to send your money to, if you feel led:

Compassion International

Feed My Starving Children

Salvation Army

Yes, I appreciate the American political situation. It's one of the, if not THE, best in the world.

But I see numbers like that and I just start thinking like, well, the people they interviewed for the article.

Imagine if that kind of money was applied to organizations like the above.

~ Ben