May 28, 2008

TimeFlyz . . . CHEAP! And also SPANISH EDITIONS!!!

For a limited time on you can get TimeFlyz at a discount:

TimeFlyz 5: Power Play for $5.49!!! (To be released this summer)

Also available, TimeFlyz in Spanish! Before the first books were even finished, I had been told that TimeFlyz was going to be translated into Spanish. And here it is . . .


Coming August 1 . . . available from Amazon:

Book 1: Peligro en la piramide

Book 2: El caso tortuga

Expect more on the TimeFlyz front in the near future. There's some exciting things happening . . .

~ Ben


Noblegear said...

Spanish. That so rocks. I wonder how many different languages Zonderkidz is putting the Z books in? All of them or just a few of the titles? Hhhuummmm. Must find out, lol. Good job, Ben. Congrats on going world wide.


Ben said...

I'm not sure if it's all of them, but:

~ Ben

Noblegear said...

Un ninja de octavo grado.

That's so cool, lol. Thanks for pointing it out to me. :)