December 4, 2008

For Writers -- Best. Rejection. Ever.

I've been watching a lot of Hulu, especially The Bob Newhart Show. I really, really like it. Bob Newhart is one of my favorite comedians.

As a writer, though, this episode had a couple scenes that struck my funny bone. I was going to wait to put this up with a different writing-related post. But that post isn't ready, and this video clip expires soon.

The episode is actually about Newhart writing a chapter about office furniture in a psychology book, and right before going to a psychologist convention he finds out his twenty pages were cut down to two.

But the bit that struck me as funny was the b-plot with Jerry, his dentist friend, who wants to write his own book.

There's three bits to this plotline . . .

First, the set up:

Second, the dentist's book:

Third, the pay-off:

Of course, the whole episode is great . . .

~ Ben

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Leona Raisin said...

Noticed you mentioned Bob Newhart in your blog. Fans of classic TV and trivia should play today's anagram game about [hearty blob], or Bob Hartley. I just posted it today.