December 3, 2008

(Web)Comics Worth Reading

Well, as we're nearing the launch of our new webcomic (some of you may have already clicked on the link above . . . but the truth is, we haven't officially "launched" -- what does that mean? I don't rightly know, except to say we haven't done it).

Anyway, as we approach that launch (and a couple others as well -- keep your eyes peeled) I though I might just post a couple links to some webcomics that are worth checking out.

The Dreamer is by a friend of mine, Lora Innes. I met her at one of my first conventions and when she showed me her artwork, all I could say was that I thought she should be working for a big publisher. A while after that, she and I were doing a little topical comic for a youth magazine a while ago and I was disappointed when she told me she'd have to quit. Well, turns out she was quitting so she could work on The Dreamer. So, while I was disappointed, it turned out to be well worth it. IDW will be publishing a print version in the near future. There's just something about Lora's artwork -- something captivating.

Clockwork Game, by another friend of mine (Jane Irwin), who I met at another one of my first conventions. Her Clockwork Game comic is a classic example of the "find something interesting, write about it" school or art. I've written about Jane's work before, but in coming up with a list of webcomics I actually enjoy, her's was on the list. I'd be stupid not to include it. It looks great (always a plus) but has an interesting story (also a plus) and a definite ending planned. Check it out.

Jump Leads was a comic I knew nothing about and know none of the people behind. But their banner on a webcomic list drew me in -- and with comparisons to Dr. Who and Red Dwarf it would have been very easy for me to be disappointed. But I wasn't. It's actually a fun and funny comic, and the comparison is apt but they aren't just aping those shows. It's quirky, snappy, and comedic, and just sophisticated enough to be good sci fi.

Truth be told, I've read a lot of webcomics. I've read a lot of really awful webcomics. I mean, the kind of thing that, if he read it, would make Alexander say, "Hmm, guess I wasn't having a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day after all . . . compared to this" awful comics.

As I get to know more people and see more webcomics, I'll post some links here.

~ Ben


John said...

Hey Ben, as a fellow Jump Leads reader, I thought you might be interested in the following. I first discovered Jump Leads through another SF webcomic called Starslip Crisis at

I read quite a few webcomics, actually; it seems like the list of titles I follow regularly keeps growing. If you like the British humor in Jump Leads, you might also enjoy one called Scary-Go-Round (

Another title I really enjoy that seems like it could be up your alley is Dr. McNinja ( It's pretty off-the-wall, but one of the ones that elicits the most LOLs from me.

Ben said...

Thanks, John. I've heard of Starslip. I'll check it out.

Dr. McNinja? That's the kind of title that just sells itself!

Thanks for the heads up on these. I'm sort of new to webcomics, and now I'm making up for lost time.

There's just so much . . . er, stuff out there. Weeing through the dross to find the gold (to mix metaphors) is quite a chore.

~ Ben

~ Ben

Jane said...

Aw, thanks, Ben! We really missed seeing you at WWC this summer. You going to be out this way again anytime soon?