July 2, 2009

Nano Film Review #25 -- Up

Three reviews in one:

PART ONE: The Movie

Up is tender, silly, touching, and fun. Like Star Trek, if you don't tear up just a little bit in the first ten minutes (or at least think about tearing up), you're a cold stone hearted freak. (Maybe a bit harsh. Sorry.) The ending also has a few moments that are emotional and lump-in-the-throat-inducing.

The movie is not a kids' movie that's good for adults as well, it's an adults' movie that's good for kids, in my opinion. It's about living and dying, letting go of the past and embracing the future. There's a scene at the beginning of what I would call act three, where the old man has to choose between his planned future and the unexpected future that was dropped in his lap that becomes one of the greatest portrayals of the concept of "you can't take it with you" that I've ever seen in a movie. (As my shop teacher used to say, "We came into this world bare bottomed, we're leaving it bare bottomed.")

I loved this movie. It may have knocked WALL*E out of the running as my favorite Pixar film. A bit scary for some kids at one point, but a fine film.


I saw this movie in 3D. It's the first modern movie I've seen in 3D. In fact, the only OTHER film I've seen in 3D is Michael Jackson's Captain EO. (Captain EO . . . wow, directed by Coppola, story by Lucas, starring Jackson, score by James Horner . . .)

Up was great in 3D. I thought it'd look like a Viewmaster image or something, but no. The shading and everything made it look quite realistic, as if I were looking at a stage with these actual people and settings right in front of me. It didn't feel emersive, like I was IN the action, but that's okay. It was an interesting way to see the film.

Of course, I paid for the glasses. Automatically. And then I was asked to "recycle" the glasses I just bought. I wonder, though, since I kept them, if they'd not charge me next time I went.

I'm guessing not, although I will try.

PART THREE: Partly Cloudy (the short film before Up)

Partly Cloudy was cute and short and nice. I was surprised, while watching the main feature Up, to see a few incidental thematic tie-ins with Partly Cloudy. I don't think Partly Cloudy is the best of the Pixar shorts, but it works. It's fun and has a nice resolution, story-wise. And it was a decent set up to get me ready for the main feature.

~ Ben

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