July 22, 2009


I bought a new book yesterday:

I met the author yesterday at Border's and talked to him for a long time.

His book focuses on many things I've been thinking about: mainly, not forgetting the spiritual when dealing with the physical. It's something that adds structure to what I'm already trying to do and in talking with the author for a long time I found that this book probably will help me with some of my goals.

I'm not trying to lose weight to look better (although, some people have noted that I look like I've lost some weight and that feels good; also, I really want my wife to think I'm hot again). I'm tryingto lose weight because I want to be healthy. I want to have energy. And I realize that I've got people who look up to me, like my children. To my son, I am a symbol of what it means to be a Christian man.

I like Ron. He's a passionate, nice guy with a heart for changing the world, and he wants to reach people's hearts. I agree: the lethargic and sedentary lifestyle that Americans have adopted is just as much a spiritual problem as it is a physical problem. I think too often that Christians forget the physical and focus solely on the spiritual, while agnostics and atheists focus solely on the physical while forgetting the spiritual.

More on this will be forthcoming, as I read the book . . .

~ Ben

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Ben said...

I believe I'll be starting this book on Monday. I'm READING it now, but I think I'll actually be STARTING it on Monday.

I may chart my progress over the next 40 days. It'd be interesting to do. Should I chart on my blog? Maybe I'll start a new blog just for that . . .