January 17, 2011

Comic Creators for a Cause: The Comic Creators Alliance

This is a topic that I believe many people do not even realize is an issue: human trafficking and child sex slavery. But it is real. And it's just as horrible as it sounds.

Lora Innes, a comic book writer/artist (she created the incredible web series The Dreamer), has decided to try doing something about it. Last year, she gathered together a large group of artists to contribute to a single image, which was available to people as a download if they donated to a PayPal account she set up. These donations were not to "buy" this desktop wallpaper image. These donations were split 50/50 between two charities that are working to fight against human trafficking.

One charity is Love 146, an organization working for the abolition of sex slavery. The second charity is Gracehaven, who provide shelter and rehabilitation to victims of sexual exploitation.

So this year, over one hundred artists have rallied around the cause, contributing a picture of one of their characters for a Brady Bunch inspired desktop wallpaper. (My character Laurel Templeton, from TimeFlyz, is on the top row.)

But obviously, when you click on the link below, you're not clicking to get a cool piece of art featuring a ton of cool characters . . . you're clicking to donate to a great cause. Apparently, donations are down this year. Last year, they collected $10,000 during their donation drive.

Click here to find out more and make your donation.

~ Ben

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art said...

I found out about this just a few hours too late! Too late for the comics-related donations, anyway. Maybe I should read your blog more often, instead of just every few weeks!