January 26, 2011

The Fanboy Tollbooth -- "new" podcast

Here's something for you to listen to on your commute into work.

I'm co-hosting a podcast called The Fanboy Tollbooth, an all things geeky type of podcast, with my friends Jeremy Zehr and Stephen MacDonald. It covers films, comics, books, music, and all sorts of pop-culture-y things.

There are a couple twists. For one: it's clean. A lot of pop culture podcasts out there, well, they just aren't very clean. Another twist: it's not just us talking, we have skits and interviews and stuff like that. It's like a variety show . . . without the singing. Wait, no, we did sing a couple times. (It wasn't as bad as it sounds.) The special "guest" comic book reviewer is a supervillain and wanna-be comic book writer, Professor Negatron. Finally, we do take a look at pop culture through the lenses of our worldviews: we're all dads, we're all artistic types, we're all Christians.

There's also the blog, which features some commentary on pop-culture news, reviews of movies and comics, and one of my favorite things: Cool Comic Covers, a gallery of, well, cool comic covers. (The most recent one is a favorite of mine: an unusual comic book coincidence from my child hood, featuring two different and completely unrelated books from two different publishers that I saw next to each other on the comic book rack at a bookstore.)

We have a lot of fun producing the podcast and the blog that goes along with it . . . and we do it for a simple reason: we want to converse with each other and our listeners about stuff we enjoy.

So if you enjoy comics . . . if you enjoy movies . . . if you enjoy pop culture . . . if you enjoy not having to cringe through bad language and the like . . .  if you enjoy any of that kind of thing, you should enjoy The Fanboy Tollbooth.

You can listen to our most recent episode here. We talk about the X-Men, what we like and don't like about them, and why we think they've lasted so long.

You can also listen to us or subscribe to us via iTunes here.

And please LIKE us on Facebook, where you can get news and updates and the like.

We hope you like it and we hope you join the conversation . . .

~ Ben

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