February 2, 2009

Heroes . . . save THIS cheerleader, PLEASE!

I've been a cheerleader for Heroes since the beginning. I'd consider myself a fan. I almost schedule my life around it (almost, but now with Hulu and/or NBC.com I don't need to -- it ends up online within 24 hours of broadcast).

While Heroes isn't as engaging as, say, Battlestar Gallactica or Lost, it's a fun diversion. On a more spiritual/storytelling level, I've been enjoying some of the themes of heroes/villains and redemption and good/evil.

And when other people are making fun of it or criticizing it . . . I've been enjoying the ride. The first season? Fun characters, interesting ideas. The second season? Not as strong, but still interesting things happening. And I liked the brother and sister, and would have loved to see season 2 play out as the producers had intended. The writer's strike tripped that up. And that led us to Season 3, the current season. The first half of season three . . . felt . . . okay. Just okay.

How can I cheerlead about something that's just okay? Huh?

How can I go to my "geek" meetings and be taken seriously by my fellow geeks? Don't get me wrong . . . again, interesting things were happening. But the shortened season 2 led into a lackluster season 3.

So the second half of season 3 begins tonight. So, will Heroes be able to Bring it On? Or was season 2's truncated resolution and season 3's meandering end up being the beginning of a tailspin as Heroes crashes and burns.

They already "saved the cheerleader and saved the world" . . . but can they save THIS Heroes cheerleader? Meaning me . . .

~ Ben

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Rob said...

Let me know how it comes out...I, too, was a huge fan in season 1, was so-so in season 2, and didn't find the first half of season 3 interesting at all, so I gave up...(Plus, it's on the same time as 24.)

Let me as you this: My son, who's really into superheroes, has started watching Smallville. I've watched a few with him, and I'm getting into it, too. Granted, there isn't a ton of character development and lack of cliffhangers, but I've found it to be an interesting hour...and I also love to read the comic book stories of Superman, too. As a writer, do you think the comic is always superior to the TV show or movie, or do you think sometimes the ability to do more on screen adds to the story?

I'd love to hear your response on this in a post sometime....thanks!