February 2, 2009

STAR TREK Superbowl ad . . .

So now we have a situation in our American culture where advertisements are sponsored by more advertisements! Talk about the snake eating its tail . . .

Bah, who cares! It's Star Trek!

I love the theme they seem to be presenting of how Kirk is "destined for greater things". It's something that happens to be true for everyone in the entire world, not just hotshot space cadets . . . and something that people tend not to realize.

"You can settle for an ordinary life. I dare you to do better."

That's one of the things, in different words, I tried to impart to my high school students, and also my Sunday School students. It's what Christianity, in many ways, is all about. How many people live up to their God given potential? How many people just live their life, going through the motions, with no greater destiny in mind?

Yeah, there's probably some things about this movie I won't like. But this idea, seeming to be a theme for the movie, excites me.

~ Ben

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