November 14, 2007

Mac vs. PC

I’m sitting in Border’s, writing. I look around and see three people reading magazines. Two with books. And four people working. I’m not sure what they are working on, but they are engrossed in their laptops. Except the guy in the business suit. He’s got a laptop bag, but he’s working on a stack of papers. Not sure if they are papers he’s grading or business reports. Doesn’t matter.

Here’s what matters. Of the four people using laptops (three plus me), THREE of us are on Macs. The fourth has a Compaq.

I found it interesting. Not sure if anyone else is gonna care, but I found it interesting.

~ Ben

1 comment:

Andrew Beatty said...

Macs are a fad, just like writing in public; only the cool kids do it.

-Andrew B.